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Carl Philip - Potteries Beauty, Summer Series

Carl Philip - Potteries Beauty, Summer Series


Deep stretched canvas

Size: 110x90cm 




A blue skies piece of the many pottery factories across Stoke-on-Trent not so long ago and perhaps on a Sunday morning when the skies have cleared and families enjoying time together in the old city before work begins the following day, lighting the kiln fires yet again and continuing world renowned ceramic manufacturing.

  • About Carl Philip

    Drawing and sketching from a very early age and later educated in engineering with a passion for science-fiction Carl Philip began to focus on fine art painting in 1997.

    Presenting his work at the Art of England exhibition his works used abstract patterns of energy and vibe through The Revolution series - catching the eye of many clients.

    This work also ran alongside other more traditional pieces such as Aphroditie's Beach and Morning Flight over the rooftops of Florence.

    ​In 2015 an explosion of colour and energy were formed in his work using vibrant colours, layering techniques and fluid acrylics. This style has progressed more recently into producing stunning sky colours merging into landscapes of his home town of Stoke-on-Trent and the old-style bottle kilns used in the pottery industry many years ago.

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